Slave Name Roll Project:           Volume 1 (Wilkes County, GA)

Contribution to Slave Name Roll Project

Christine Johnson-Williams doesn’t blog but wanted to contribute to the Slave Name Roll Project. She sent several eMail messages containing information about her ancestors’ slave connections to the Project’s Director, Schalene Dagutis. Christine has submitted images of wills from her research, along with transcripts, to be included in the Project. I have offered to assist Schalene in adding Christine’s lists to the project. The transcripts are a big help.

My post today introduces the will of Sarah Cotton-HILL (Christine’s 5th Great Grandmother) who was married to Henry HILL in Wilkes County, Georgia.

GEORGIA – Wilkes County

Will Abstract/Typescript of Sarah HILL, deceased, late of Wilkes County, Georgia; widow of Henry HILL, deceased, of Wilkes County,Georgia . . .

“Page 92. HILL, Sarah
Slave ELIZA to be sold;

$200.00 of which to son John HILL, horse, etc;
and a young bay mare to his [John HILL] son, Jas. Henry HILL;
To [my] son Abram [HILL], slave, DINAH, still, household goods, crops, etc;
To children of [my] dec’d son, Theophilus HILL, balance of proceeds of sale of slave, ELIZA, at marriage or majority;
feather bed, etc; to his [my son, Theophilus HILL] dau. Elizabeth HILL;
one bay filly to his [my son, Theophilus HILL] son, Greenberry HILL;
to [my] dau. Nancy [HILL] JOHNSON, a safe and arm chair;
to her [Nancy HILL JOHNSON] dau., Sarah [JOHNSON], a trunk;
to [my] dau. Mary [HILL] JOSSEY/JOSEY], equal parts of clothes;
and to her [Mary [HILL] JOSSEY/JOSEY] son, Henry JOSSEY, a buffet;
a bed to Kiddy JOSSEY [dau. of Mary HILL JOSSEY/JOSEY];
to son, Henry HILL, 20 shillings;
to Sarah [HILL] WOODS; John HILL; Abram HILL; Kiddy POPE, Mary [HILL] JOSSEY; Nancy [HILL] JOHNSON, residue of wearing appearell, household furniture, etc.

sons, John and Abram, Excrs.

Signed, Nov. 13, 1812.

Probated Mar 3, 1814. Jacob G. MATTHEWS, Nathaniel BAILEY, Augustine EDWARDS. Test.”

Citation: Early Records of Wilkes County, Georgia. Volume 2, Page 136.

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