Welcome to Daughter of Slave Ancestry. I’m Donna Palmer Haines — born and raised in Gary, Indiana. I began my research in the late 1990’s blessed with the fortune of having access to the Clayton Center for Genealogical Research. It was there that I first learned to search the US Census.

Up to now, my focus has been on the SSDI, US Census, and vital documents — with a splash of serendipity. I look forward to advancing my research to the probate records. I know there’s a wealth of information that will give me a closer look into the lives of my ancestors and their lives before, during, and after Reconstruction. I aim to learn more about the families who owned them and how the relationships came to be. Along with my genealogical findings, I will be sharing research methods that I’ve found to be of value.

  • My paternal line research begins with my grandparents: Will PALMER of Hardin County, Kentucky and Mary JOHNSON of Daviess County, KY.
  • Research of my maternal line begins with my grandparents: William MABLE of Cobb County, GA and Essie WILLIAMS of Pulaski County, Illinois.

Because of the need to scroll around US Census forms to focus on specific areas, I prefer to link to my Census Extraction Sheets. The same information can be viewed with only a small bit of zooming — no scrolling. It can all be taken in at once by adjusting your focus while maintaining “the big picture.”

I hope you will find my posts and pages helpful and of interest — and that I learn from you as well. I look forward to sharing in your findings, and picking up research tips.

About My Introduction to Genealogy

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