Sepia Saturday: Valentine’s Day

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My Sepia Saturday post for this week is about the couple who demonstrated everything I needed to know about love and marriage. My boyfriends had to be assertive yet still need my input. The man I married reminded me so much of my father . . . at first — stern, loving, soft-spoken. Anyway, it was my mother’s example I followed to care for him during his lengthy illness.

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He called her, Sugar — sometimes, Momma. She called him, Daddy. I heard other adults address my parents as, Bill and Floretta (pronounced, “Florita”) or Flo. But I can’t recall one time when they called one another by their names around us. I wonder if it was to demonstrate to us what we were to call them?

My Daddy was a steelworker — working “swing shifts” at US Steel. When he worked midnights, we had to be extra quiet because he slept during the day. He wore plaid shirts and, for some reason, a belt and suspenders. And, as the photo shows — that man could wear a hat! Dobbs felt in the winter, straw in the summer. I even have a high school photo of him with a lettermen’s sweater and a “Big Apple” cocked ever so slightly to one side. Yeah, my Daddy was a “Dapper Dan.”

Momma was a school secretary, then a medical transcriptionist. She still managed to put full meals on the table every evening and listen to our bedtime prayers. Then we were up and out the next morning; and she always looked like she’d just stepped out of a McCall’s magazine ad. From an early age, I’ve been constantly reminded about how much I favor her. Our facial resemblance is unbelievable. And she was neat, petite, and sweeter than sweet.

While we found our parents’ spontaneous lip or cheek pecks entertaining, we were also being taught how to appropriately display affection. And there was nothing weird about it. They just loved one another and weren’t ashamed to show it. They both served as usher and choir member, respectively, at St. Timothy Community Church. And they brought us up in the fear and admonition of the Lord. My parents were married for 34 years before my father’s untimely death at age 59. I was only 20 years old. Momma remained with us for 20 years after; and did not remarry.

We used to love leafing though those photo albums with the heavy black pages and their high school yearbook. That’s where these pictures are from. I don’t have the albums — just a few pictures from them. I, obviously, have much more to share about my parents. But I tried to keep the focus on “love” for this week’s post. When I get into their individual bios, you’ll get to know them better. Happy Valentine’s Day!

See how other Sepians have been inspired.

See how other Sepians have been inspired.

19 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday: Valentine’s Day

  1. There’s nothing wrong with spontaneous displays of affection; the perfect example to set the children. A love story that’s just right for Valentine’s Day.

    I (Marilyn) have also dealt with the repeat link. Don’t worry it happens more often than you’d think; even the seasoned Sepians do it!

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    • Thank you, Nell. I’m glad you enjoyed reading my post. Yes, we were given an excellent example. When I think about it, even when they disagreed, Daddy called her, “Sugar.” His brow may have been furrowed; but I can just hear, “Sugar, I don’t think that’s what we should do” — or whatever. My parents . . .


  2. What a great love story. Sugar and Daddy. Cute couple.

    (PS – don’t worry about your double link on Sepia Saturday. You can’t delete it yourself. But if Alan or Marilyn sees it, one of them can remove it.)

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    • Thank you, Wendy. I’m the youngest of four and hung on to everything I learned in our household. And, you’re right. I was hoping either Alan or Marilyn could take care of getting one of my links deleted since it doesn’t allow me to.


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